The end of the £3 deposit

It seems that the machines which sell Oyster cards for £5 including £2 PAYG credit have all but been withdrawn.  At London Bridge the machine has an “Out of Use” sticker over the money slot.  I enquired with some contacts who confirmed that they are being withdrawn at the moment.  Almost all central London machines have been removed or taken out of service and they will be gone completely by the end of July.

4 thoughts on “The end of the £3 deposit”

    • Indeed it has Tommy, but until recently you could still get one from the old “chewing gum style” vending machines at Underground stations for £3 deposit and £2 PAYG credit. Sadly this loophole has now been closed.

  1. All Underground stations now have at least one ticket machine converted that will dispense oyster cards.
    The standard dispense is either PAYG £5 deposit + £5 credit making £10 total, or weekly travelcards at cost plus £5 deposit.
    The exceptions to this are the ex Silverlink stations now part of the Overground which have a different design of ticket machine and Roding Valley because of the size of the booking hall.

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