The Southwark Pass-through

I thought it was time for another snippet from my own Oyster travels.  Today I had to get into Farringdon for a meeting.  With no services there or at Barbican I decided to use the bus from Southwark Jubilee line station.  This meant that I had to exit Waterloo East via the Southwark connection and walk straight through the Underground station without travelling.  There is a special setting that allows just this scenario without making a charge.  When you exit to the street the gate display confirms your previous National Rail deduction as displayed on the exit from Waterloo East.  In the other direction the exit gates display your balance again with a zero charge.

This setting used to be publicised on posters within Southwark station but they don’t seem to be there anymore.  I wonder whether casual users are all aware that they can use Southwark station as an additional entrance to Waterloo East without incurring an Oyster charge.

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  1. Worth noting perhaps that this does not apply the other way around: if you go from Southwark through Waterloo East you will be charged 40p, unless you either have a travelcard valid in zone 1 or touch in at Waterloo NR or LU stations within the OSI time limit.

    • It does apply both ways to walking through Southwark. Walking through Waterloo East is a completely different matter. The charge for walking through Waterloo East is £2.00 or £1.50 depending on whether it is peak or off-peak. The amount charged counts towards the daily cap which is why the person you are thinking of was only charged 40p. You may remember this thread on a popular rail forum.

  2. I don’t think it would be free if you only walked through Southwark station and used buses for the rest of the day!

    • So how would that work? If you have used Oyster to Waterloo East or will use it from Waterloo East then the free pass through works. There is absolutely nowhere to go between the Southwark and Waterloo East gatelines. It is just a short distance with nothing there.

  3. I mean if you walked from Southwark to Waterloo East to avoid getting wet in the rain for example or just to admire the architecture of Southwark station without actually boarding a train!

    • You clearly haven’t ever been to this interchange. Once you have walked through Southwark you either have to turn round and go back through it again or you have to go through the other gateline into Waterloo East. There is NOTHING between the two gatelines. No shops, ticket machines, toilets. Just a wide walkway about 50 yards long.

  4. I travel into Waterloo East using a (paper) season ticket (London stations only). To walk to my office, I would need to use the Southwark walkthrough. I would use my paper ticket to get through the SE gates, and then use my PAYG Oyster to touch in/out, through the LU gates for Southwark. Will I be charged?

  5. Sean, you won’t be charged. I sometimes do the same and my Oyster journey history shows “Entered and exited Southwark” with a charge of £0.00.

    • Hi Ian,

      That’s not my understanding, but I’d be interested to see journey history that says otherwise.

  6. I wasn’t charged when I did this. Exited by paper ticket and then passed through two successive tube gates (touch in, touch out) by Oyster. Charge for the pass through was 0p. Same, mutatis mutandis, on the return trip.

    • Hi Rory,

      Yes, they do seem to have changed the system where Southwark is concerned.

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