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    The lovely princess

    Hello Mike,
    Well I know fare evasion is not the best but these travels are way too expensive. So my journey requires me to get on the underground (London Bridge to a zone 2) but before I get to the underground, I need to get the train from charlton to London Bridge (by national rail to stop at the national rail station and then walk to the London Bridge underground for my tube). However, I only have a travelcard for the the underground and I was wondering if I could also tap it when I get to the national rail London Bridge gate and it will count as 1 travel for all my 3 journeys? So London Bridge (national rail station) to London Bridge (underground) and then to Underground destination. What will be the main problem with that?

    Mike (admin)


    There seems to be a little misunderstanding here. If you have a travelcard then it is valid to use National Rail as well as the Underground within the zones covered. Charlton is in zone 3 so you’d need a zone 1-3 travelcard.

    Alternatively, if you are using PAYG then the whole journey will be charged as one from Charlton to your zone 2 destination as long as you don’t take longer than 20 minutes between touching out at London Bridge NR and touching back in at London Bridge LU.

    The lovely princess

    Yeah I have the travelcard currently for only zones 1 and 2. But like I said and begun by saying I know it’s probably fare evasion, I wanna know as I don’t have a zone 3 to cover charlton , if I got to the national rail station gate and tapped to get out to walk to the underground station and then tapped again until I got to my destination in zone 2, that will be 3 taps on the card, is that gonna put incomplete journey on my travelcard? I still don’t think if I am making sense.

    The lovely princess

    Basically I would jump on the train as there are no gates without being able to tap at charlton but I would need to tap to get out at the national rail station to get to the underground. That’s why I am saying it would be 3 taps and I wanna know if that’s gonna give me problems.


    You would be fine until Southeastern decide to mount a revenue block at Charlton. At this point they could look at your journey history, and seeing the unresolved journeys mount a prosecution for fare evasion.

    The possibility of this happening was why some TOCs initially demanded that Oyster Extension Permits were introduced.


    Argh! Don’t mention the OEP!

    Seriously, fare dodging cannot be condoned and as Matthew says, you would be caught by a revenue block or an on train inspection before Greenwich or Lewisham. If you can tell us where you are going on the tube then there might be an alternative to consider.

    Chris D.

    In addition, even if you weren’t inspected by a revenue block, you wouldn’t escape the fact that your journeys wouldn’t be symmetrical. TfL has sophisticated reporting platforms to look for precisely the kind of anomaly you are suggesting and you would eventually find yourself being targeted. As others say there are likely to be other (legal) ways to save money if you describe your journey in more detail!

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