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    First, thank you Mike for supporting commuters in what is a system no one would design deliberately. Unless you enjoy gaming.

    The 60+ oystercard site specifically says you can’t add oyster credit to the card, so we have to use a different oystercard or contactless in addition.

    Can I add the 60+ to the oystercard as I would any travel card? I know I need to have the photocard to show the inspector.

    Can I buy the extension in advance and at the oyster PAYG rate?

    Two journeys I make regularly are:

    Bromley South to St Albans City (return)
    Bromley South to Gatwick (single)

    Gatwick is easy as I have to exit the gate in London Victoria, so I can get an oyster “extension” from the ticket machine there. The ticket machine in BMS isn’t programmed for the split from East Croydon.

    Will I pay £6.20 or £3.70 for off-peak single at the machine?

    Can I use Apple Pay contactless for touching out at Gatwick if I don’t buy an extension in advance?

    Does the tfl iOS app store or just “manage” travel cards? If it does allow payment, this seems to mirror what the Apple Wallet does for contactless PAYG but I have not tried it. I can imagine having double payment taken if both apps are open when passing the gate.

    Pity that the Apple Wallet doesn’t store tfl travel cards, but it does store some electronic passes.

    Perhaps buying an electronic single ticket in advance would simplify the Gatwick journey and avoid queues at ticket machine. I can use the barcode at the gate without converting it into a paper ticket according to split ticket site.

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    Mike (admin)

    Hi Patricia,

    The 60+ Oyster card is not a simple thing. It is valid on TfL services from 0900, but non-TfL services from 0930. So someone travelling from Norwood Junction to New Cross Gate at 0900 has to be careful to get an Overground train rather than a Southern one. Outside the zones it’s valid on TfL services* but not non-TfL services, so from Shenfield you can use the Elizabeth line but not Greater Anglia. Obviously these distinctions can’t be decided by the gate pads which is why you can’t add credit to a 60+ Oyster card.

    In terms of extension tickets, you can buy those from some stations, or online. You might have to use a named station rather than boundary of zone 6 if buying online. I’m not sure whether you can use e-tickets if you don’t scan them in at the beginning of the journey. The prices will be the standard ticket prices, not the PAYG prices. For Gatwick you can get the PAYG price by getting off at East Croydon and taking the next train once you’ve touched out the 60+ and in with the bank card. If you have a senior railcard then that can be added to an Oyster card and used for East Croydon to Gatwick. St Albans isn’t so easy because there are fewer trains stopping at the boundary station Elstree and Borehamwood. Oyster also isn’t valid at St Albans.

    *But not the Elizabeth line between West Drayton and Reading.

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    Hi Mike, I’ll keep these emails on my phone so I can consider them.

    The senior railcard is a good idea for longer journeys, so once I’m 60 in a few weeks, I’ll apply for it and add it to my standard Oyster card.

    You don’t mention adding the 60+ to the standard Oyster card, is it possible?

    Getting out at East Croydon with bags is a faff, and as I can buy an electronic (more expensive) ticket for the extension I will use that. I can convert it into a paper ticket at my origin station Bromley south. Or I’ll get a bus to East Croydon.

    Are there any other restrictions on using 60+ such as the non-stop BMS – VIC? I vaguely recall that high speed trains are excluded.

    Mike (admin)

    You can’t add a 60+ to a standard Oyster for the same reason that you can’t add credit to a 60+ Oyster.

    The only trains that are excluded are the Heathrow and Gatwick Expresses and South Eastern High Speed into St Pancras.


    Thanks excluding Express trains make sense.

    There’s a map of the 60+ permitted routes on the website. https://tfl.gov.uk/fares/free-and-discounted-travel/60-plus-oyster-photocard?intcmp=54724

    Anyone who wants to support this benefit needs to contact the mayor and their MP. Looks like it won’t be called 60+ for much longer.


    The map shows Elstree and Borehamwood are included in the 60+ scheme, so my St Alban ticket will cost £6.30 return with Senior Railcard.

    I will report back on the tfl app, and how useful it is soon.

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