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    Tom Green

    Hi Mike,
    I’ve been trying to find the cheapest way from Brockley to Willesden Junction, by avoiding zone 1 as I’m moving there soon. Sounds simple enough, but the fare finder assumes that any route goes into zone 1. However the map clearly shows a possible route via Clapham Junction which remains in zone 2 all the way, which should warrant a zone 2 fare. Surely if the journey was Brockley > Surrey Quays > Clapham Junction > Willesden Junction, and I tapped the purple interchanges at Surrey Quays and Clapham Junction, then this cheap fare would apply? The fare finder says otherwise. Thanks, Tom


    Hi Tom,

    The default route is actually a zone 2-3 National Rail fare. It’s assuming travel via Crystal Palace and Clapham Junction. I’ll raise this issue, but you could also email oysterenquiries(at) and request that it is added yourself. It seems an entirely sensible route and is all TfL.


    In terms of the “If I did this then surely the cheap fare would apply” question, the system will only charge fares that it knows about and the fare finder shows. In this case, the fare you’re looking for doesn’t exist in the system even if the route exists in reality so won’t be charged no matter what gets tapped where.

    Hopefully it will be added to the database if it’s seen as a reasonable route to take.

    Martin Phillp

    The NR 2-3 fare made sense when Southern operated the London Bridge to Victoria loop service via Crystal Palace, but seeing as that’s largely been axed, it makes sense to have the pink reader options at Surrey Quays and Clapham Junction for this journey.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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