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    Katherine Read

    I have had my Oyster 60+ for a short time but I am having problems with buying tickets from the boundary of zone 6. I can do it for relatively local journeys from ticket machines but the National Rail website + other rail company sites don’t allow me to buy from the Boundary of Zone 6. I can’t predict from which station I need to pay.
    I am trying to buy an advance ticket to Bournemouth. I rang National Rail who told me to buy from Surbiton but they also said that I could only do this if the train stopped in Surbiton. I know that this is incorrect and told them so. It means that I doubt their other information.


    Hi Katherine,

    You’re both right in different ways.

    Anytime and off-peak tickets can be purchased from either a boundary zone or a physical station without the need for a train to call there. Advance tickets can only be sold between two named stations that the train calls at.

    In the case of Bournemouth, Surbiton is the last station in zone 6, but you will only be able to buy Anytime and Off-peak tickets to use with your 60+ Oyster.

    Katherine Read

    Ah ok. I didn’t know about the restriction on Advance tickets because I haven’t tried to buy one before with the Oyster 60+
    It’s true that I always assumed with my pre lockdown Gold card that I couldn’t combine it with an Advance ticket because my Gold card was only zones 1 to 3 so didn’t cover much of a distance. I only got discounts on Network South East.

    I suppose I will have to compare the cost of an off peak from Surbiton to Bournemouth with the cost of an Advance from London Waterloo.
    I didn’t actually mention the term Advance tickets when I rang National Rail. I only said I needed to cover the route beyond zone 6.

    Katherine Read

    Though actually the Advance fare from Waterloo is almost exactly the same as from Surbiton.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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