Can TfL charge peak fare on a bank holiday?

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    Emmet Clark

    I am unable to understand the fares displayed in the TFL’s Plan a Journey website. I request your help in understanding it. If I go to the TFL Plan a Journey website and plan a trip from Shadwell to Upminster at 18:00 today (03 Jun), then it shows a fare of £3.30 peak.

    I thought TfL charges off peak fares on bank holidays but it looks like I am wrong about this. Why does TfL show peak fare for this trip on a bank holiday?


    Hello. Their single fare finder says:

    “Peak: £3.30
    Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930 and from 1600 to 1900.
    Off Peak: £1.90
    At all other times including public holidays.”

    But it looks like ‘plan a journey’ doesn’t know about today.

    Emmet Clark

    Thank you, Luke, for the response! Do you have a direct link to the Plan A Journey results that shows £1.90 for a trip fro Shadwell to Upminster at 18:00 today?

    Here is what I am seeing:

    The above link shows: 17:59 – 18:33 (34 mins) – £3.30 peak

    Does this make sense to you? Am I doing something wrong here?

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    I edited my reply before I saw yours. You’re right – it doesn’t look like ‘plan a journey’ knows today is a bank holiday.


    Hi Emmet,

    I’m 100% certain that the actual fare charging mechanism will understand today as a bank holiday. It’s frustrating that the journey planner doesn’t, but it is only informational.

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