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    Chris Grafe

    Hi all,
    Seeking views on what u think has been an overcharge on a contactless.

    Journey afternoon peak from Canary Wharf to Upper Holloway via Stratford (touch pink) and Gospel Oak (touch pink).
    I got charged £3.20 but avoided zone 1 as evidenced by pinks on route. Queried with TfL and they are claiming (as per Fare Finder bible) that I need to avoid Z1 via Leytonstone to get £2.00 fare. Apparently a £1.80 fare is not available despite it being a zone 2 only trip?

    So who is wrong here?
    Is Leytonstone routing only possible way to get a cheaper fare? Should I not have touched at Gospel Oak? Does Fare Finder need an update? How come I can get £1.80 if I touch out at Gospel Oak but get charged £3.20 if I go one stop along the Goblin despite both stations being in zone 2?
    Any views much appreciated.


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    Hi Chris,

    As things stand TfL are correct. The only alternative route between Canary Wharf and Upper Holloway is via either Leytonstone or Forest Gate. The route has to be defined in the database before the system can charge it.

    I suspect that when routeings were defined they put the whole of the Goblin in the same way, apart from Gospel Oak itself which is clearly obvious to go direct from Stratford.

    Having looked at the map I can certainly see the benefit of allowing via Gospel Oak for Upper Holloway and possibly Crouch Hill as well. I suggest you write to and request that they consider adding that route. You can point out that it avoids the need to walk between two stations at Leytonstone which should be seen as a benefit.

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