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    Thomas Ralph

    Yesterday my wife made a slightly unusual set of journeys, namely:

    Lee (Z3) to Gatwick Airport – NR only via London Bridge – Morning peak – £16.50
    Gatwick Airport to Kidbrooke (Z3) – NR only via London Bridge – Off-peak – £9.00
    Lee to London Bridge – Evening peak therefore off-peak due to ending in Zone 1 – £3.10
    London Bridge to Lee – Peak – £4.00
    Total £32.60

    For this she has however been charged £31.50.

    I think it should have been charged as a zone 1-3 anytime cap of £8.70, plus a peak Zone 4 to Gatwick NR £9.40, plus an off peak Gatwick to zone 4 NR £6.90, coming to £25 even.

    Is this “look-back” likely to resolve itself and refund in a few days, or do we need to contact TfL?


    Hi Thomas,

    Was this a contactless card?

    There probably isn’t any refund due because extension fares to Gatwick are not just simply the zones covered. You may remember the article Gatwick The Truth on here a few years back. Because of the bonkers cheap fare from East Croydon to Gatwick the system never charged the full London to Gatwick return fare. DfT/GTR whinged and thus the CPC extension being more than the Oyster extension concept was born.

    Thomas Ralph

    Yes it was a contactless card.

    Even if we use the single fares from Sydenham (zone 3) to Gatwick, it would be £10.90+£6.90+£8.70 = £27.80, so it still feels like an overcharge to me.

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    It will feel like an overcharge sadly. That’s just the way the DfT forced TfL to charge extensions on that line.

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