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    Mark Dunn

    An early morning trip to Gatwick included an aborted tube trip from London Bridge to Victoria, which was on fire apparently, back to Blackfriars, thence to Gatwick, but the tube trip wasn’t charged- the touch-ins and -outs appear separately on my account. Total trip time just under 150 minutes, charged at the LBR- LGW contactless fare of £12.20. Did I get a freebie from LBR-Blackfriars?

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    Alan (28481k)

    Well, it’s likely that you get a free tube ride because of fire.


    I don’t think you have had a freebie. The off-peak fare from London Bridge LU is £12.20 and will assume changing onto NR somewhere, be it Victoria or Blackfriars. Had you gone direct from London Bridge NR then it would only have been £9.50.

    Mark Dunn

    Ah, I see. It was a double- back from a cancellation at LB, but for which we wouldn’t have needed the tube.
    When you start typing “London Bridge” into the fare finder LB LU pops up first so I didn’t even see the cheaper NR fare. Which is why you’re here. Thanks.
    Oh, and 5 days on my OH’s fare hasn’t been billed yet. Now THAT would be a freebie.

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