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    Kai Borgolte


    thanks for all detailed information! I have come several times over the years to look at the wonders of London’s fare system 🙂

    I booked a London journey with my wife saturday to thursday around Crossrail opening on May 24th. We will arrive in Heathrow and stay in Romford. I think we will primarily use contactless fares, which may add to 6 times 14.10 cap, while the 7 day travelcard would cost only 70.30. But I don’t think we will reach this limit, as we will avoid morning peaks and probably Heathrow rail.

    One of several questions I want to ask: On saturday morning after arriving in Heathrow we probably want to visit Windsor. I see there are non TfL buses from Terminal 5, route 703 or route 8. Later we would probably take a train from Windsor to Paddington (- Romford) using contactless(?). Do you have any advice for that?


    Hi Kai,

    The zone 1-6 cap is a daily one so avoiding the morning peak or Heathrow won’t make much difference. Romford is also in zone 6 so you may well cap every day.

    As for Windsor, yes you can use contactless from the Central station, so you’re good to go.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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