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    I recently discovered that if you search fare between Farringdon and Heathrow Rail (HXX) on nationalrail.co.uk, and select train operator as TfL Rail only, you get £6 single fare. I thought this might be Crossrail fare put in place in advance.

    But if you change from Farringdon to Liverpool St or Tottenham Court Road, the fare jumps significantly – which suggests Crossrail fare isn’t put in place at those two stations.

    To put the matter in perspective, Oyster/contactless single fare between zone 1 and Heathrow Rail is £10.4 at the moment.

    Did TfL allow Crossrail fare at Farringdon, but not other future Crossrail stations?


    Hi Abraham,

    I have no idea what is happening there. I fully expect the same fares to apply from any zone 1 station.

    John Williams

    Hey all

    I have just purchased this ticket as even with NR PRIV this £6 is still cheaper.
    What it shows on the actual ticket is
    “London Undergrnd Zones 1-6” to “Farringdon.

    It looks like its a LU only Cash Fare from looking at TfLs single fare finder. However this might have been overlooked when Crossrail fares were hastily added and then removed.
    There are no route restrictions or “Underground Only” as used to be shown on paper tickets.
    How ever what is even more interesting is the journey planner and travel itinerary shows you using Heathrow Express.

    Heathrow Terminal 5 (Rail Station Only)
    to Farringdon

    Anytime Day Single
    Train operator: Multiple operators
    Ticket restrictions: This includes all direct services and connecting services recommended by the journey planner
    Fare breakdown:
    No railcard


    Thanks John,

    It almost certainly is an LU cash fare, though quite why that is available from National Rail outlets is beyond me. I don’t think it’s anything to do with Crossrail because the fare from Farringdon to the rail stations at Heathrow will be the same as, or more than, it currently is from Paddington. And the Crossrail fares which were added to the database in 2018 are all still there.

    It will be interesting to see if it’s still there later today as it’s the third fare change day of 2021.

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