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    This is more of a rant than a question: why is the process of adding the annual Gold Card discount to an Oyster card so convoluted?

    Firstly why can’t it be applied automatically when purchasing an annual travelcard? instead of having to go to a Tube station and find a TfL employee who actually knows how to apply the discount.

    My annual travelcard started on 01 Jan. One month later, I still haven’t received my Gold Card record card that I need in order to prove my entitlement to the discount. I phoned the help desk who confirmed that it hadn’t been sent out yet, and that I should wait another two weeks and then contact them again if I still haven’t received it.

    It’s almost as if TfL don’t want to give customers the discounts they’re entitled to. I wonder how many customers with annual travelcards end up not getting their discount at all? A fairly high proportion I would guess…


    Hi Andy,

    If the travelcard is stored on the Oyster card then you should be able to persuade a staff member to add the discount without the gold record card because the evidence is already on the card.

    However, 6 weeks without the record card to validate discounted National Rail tickets is unacceptable. I will make some enquiries.


    Thanks Mike, although the staff wanted to see my Gold Card record card, after explaining that TfL still haven’t sent it out, I managed to get the discount added to my Oyster (at least I think he did it- but I didn’t have to enter any password or anything like last year, which worries me a bit).

    In order to travel on National Rail, which I’ll be doing soon, I still need to chase TfL for my record card though :-/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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