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    Chris D.

    I’ve just received a credit called “automated refund” onto my Oyster card for the strangely round sum of £5.00. It was credited when I tapped out (not in!) at my home station on today’s sole journey.

    While I know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, is there any way to find out what this relates to? I don’t have any incomplete journeys that I’m aware of, I think I’d remember if I were overcharged by £5, and I didn’t get an email about it!

    Chris D.

    OK, I’ve now got a hunch as to what it may be for, as this is the only incomplete journey in my history, although I’m a little dubious as this was back in June which I’d have thought is far too long ago:

    • Stratford International [HS1] to [No touch-out] £2.80
    • [No touch-in] to Elephant & Castle [London Underground] £3.85

    (Total cost = £6.65)

    £6.65 – £5.00 = £1.65, the off-peak Z1-2 Railcard TfL-LU fare.

    (Incidentally I filtered my history for journeys costing >=£5.00 as part of the search and I haven’t taken any since Jan 2020!).


    Hi Chris,

    When did you obtain this Oyster card? My first thought is that it’s the refund of the fee paid when you buy the card. That’s a two stage process kicked off with a touch in and completed with the next touch. I agree that it’s unlikely to be the Stratford fare.

    Chris D.

    Aha! You are absolutely right, it is exactly the one year anniversary of the card. (I think the clue should have been lack of an email, as they always send one of it’s for a journey!)

    Still a bit surprising it doesn’t have an explicit name!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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