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    Chris D.

    I had a weird experience with Oyster today.

    I exceeded the MJT on a journey from Barking to Stockwell due to being on a C2C train which broke down and stood still for 2.5 hours (!).

    Touched in 16:15 Barking gateline (£4.80)
    Touched out 19:08 Stockwell gateline (4.80)

    This was excepted, but what was more peculiar was when I tried to take a further journey.

    On attempting to touch in at Stockwell at 21:45, I received a “Card already used” error and the gates didn’t open. I then used a contactless payment card (without discount) to travel.

    However that entry touch has also been recorded as a further £4.80 charge.

    Any guesses as to why it would Q1: deny me entry (perhaps a new MJT established which hadn’t yet expired?), and Q2: nevertheless record a touch anyway?

    Here’s a screenshot of the journey history:

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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by Chris D..

    Hi Chris,

    What was the error code displayed when it wouldn’t let you in? Was that also the time that the auto top-up was taken? I think you may have stumbled upon a little used scenario here. Can you upload expanded journey history tomorrow morning?

    Also, was this the same card as you had registration issues this morning?

    Chris D.


    Thanks for the reply! I didn’t think to note the error code, but based on the wording, I think it must have been “55 – Already Used”. The text of the error message on the screen was “Card already used”.

    As for the journey history, yes I also wondered when the auto top up took place. The app didn’t say but the journey history reveals it happened on the attempted touch in:

    Sunday, 21 May 2023 £14.70 daily total
    21:45 – ???? Stockwell to [No touch-out] £4.20 £20.45
    21:45 Touch in, Stockwell £4.20 £20.45
    21:45 Auto top-up, Stockwell +£10.00 £24.65

    ???? – 19:08 [No touch-in] to Stockwell £4.20 £14.65

    16:15 – ???? Barking to [No touch-out] £4.20 £18.85
    16:15 Touch in, Barking £4.20 £18.85

    12:34 – 13:13 Elephant & Castle [London Underground] to Barking £2.10 £23.05

    13:13 Touch out, Barking +£2.10 £23.05
    12:34 Touch in, Elephant & Castle [London Underground] £4.20 £20.95

    My best guess was that there was an open journey, even though the touch at Stockwell at 19:08 was out.


    Hi Chris,

    It’s possibly an extremely rare edge case of doing an auto topup after an unstarted journey. I’ll pass the history on in the hope that someone might look at it. In the meantime I’d phone the helpdesk and ask them to refund your contactless charge and adjust the Oyster charges to be what they should be. I’m sure you won’t be the only person complaining about the broken down c2c train.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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