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    Aroon Dhoot

    Hi there

    On Monday we want to go to Chessington South (zone 6) from Kings Cross via Vauxhall using Oyster PAYG.
    I will leave around 9.20am from Kings cross, change at Vauxhall and catch the 9.51am to Chessington.

    Since its a peak fare (pre 9.30am), oyster will charge £7.30 for this.

    My question is, given that the 9.51am from Vauxhall by itself would be a off peak fare (£3.30), is there anyway for me to go from Kings Cross to Vauxhall (£2.50 peak fare), and then somehow exit Vauxhall station, and re-enter and pay an oyster off peak fare for the train to Chessington so in total £2.50 + £3.30 = £5.80?

    I’ve read on this website that Vauxhall has an OSI between the tube and rail which last 20 minutes, but ideally i don’t want to hang around for 20 minutes waiting outside Vauxhall station.


    Chris Hein

    One way of doing this is to use two different Oyster or Contactless cards… Use one for the peak journey and then just use the second card for the off peak part of the trip!

    Aroon Dhoot

    Thats a good idea actually!
    Children sadly only have one zipcard each so wont work for everyone.

    Does anyone know if the system might realise that its better for the customer to consider them as exited Vauxhall and charge a second cheaper off peak fare or it will default to one long peak fare?


    Hi Aroon,

    Other than using a different card as Chris suggested, there’s no way of splitting the journey without waiting 20 minutes at Vauxhall. You could touch in on a bus, but that would add more than you save.

    The other possibility is to wait at Kings Cross St Pancras until 0927 before touching in. Off-peak starts a little early to avoid issues with station clocks being out of sync. The TfL journey planner says you should start at Kings Cross at 0923 to be able to make the 0951 from Vauxhall. If you can walk fast then you should be able to make up the lost time. Trains to Chessington leave from platform 8 at Vauxhall.


    Living in Chessington (North), I’ve made this journey more than a few times.

    At Kings Cross walk out of the station and across the plaza, towards Euston Road (look for the Black Sheep Coffee shop). Take this entrance into the Underground, and at the bottom of the stairs (IMPORTANT) ignore the signs sending you right to the Victoria Line, but turn left. If you use this entrance it’s much quicker to get to the Victoria Line platforms.

    When you get on to the underground train, try to be in the 5th carriage as this is the nearest to the exit at Vauxhall.

    At the top of the escalator at Vauxhall, pass through the barriers, and walk straight ahead to exit 3, which is next to the entrance to the National Rail station. Go through the barrier, and walk along the corridor, and go up the stairs to the platform. The stairs for Platform 7/8 are the last staircase from the ticket barrier.

    If you tap-in at Kings Cross at 09:28 you should get to Vauxhall with 10-12 minutes to spare.


    Thanks meglos.

    Aroon Dhoot

    thank you all so much, great info.
    will try that 9.28am method.

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