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    Chris Hein

    Just for a bit of fun I was looking at the tube map and was wondering what would be the longest journey you could do for the single zone £1.60 Oyster fare.

    I love this oddity of a fare that’s cheaper than the bus and I often wonder how many people miss out on saving a couple of pence by travelling on the 108 from Lewisham to Stratford instead of the DLR.

    In journey terms the longest would probably be Stratford to Whitechapel going round on the Overground in just zone 2 but I suspect this would fall foul of the max journey time rule

    Would love to hear other people’s suggestions for the longest journey for £1.60 🙂


    Hi Chris,

    Good question. Stratford to Whitechapel would definitely exceed the maximum journey time via Clapham Junction, plus no-one would do it as it’s 1 stop on the EL. You are probably looking at an overground journey, but need to be careful that it’s not priced via Shoreditch.

    Michael Tsang

    Maybe we can reword the question to be a journey on £1.60 fare, where the minimum required distance to use the fare is the longest among all possible journeys.

    So Stratford – Whitechapel won’t qualify as the distance is calculated direct on the Elizabeth line.

    Anything longer then Clapham Junction to Stratford in this case?


    I think I get what you mean. Looking at the map it appears as though East Putney is slightly further from West Brompton than Clapham Junction. Trial and error on the fare finder says that you can travel from Canning Town via Stratford, Willesden Junction and West Brompton for the £1.60 off-peak fare, so I think that’s going to be the longest.

    Interestingly this has shown up some errors in the data which probably date back to the creation of the zone 2/3 sausage around Stratford. All the stations from East India or Pudding Mill Lane round to Lewisham DLR also offer the option to travel via Stratford, but they all charge £1.70 off-peak because they think you go into zone 3. I seriously doubt anyone would use that route to get from Lewisham to Putney when you can travel via Denmark Hill for the NR zone 2 fare of £2.40 off-peak in considerably less time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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