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    shana bl


    Hope you can help. We are going to visit london soon. We will be arriving at luton airport offpeak time and will be travelling to waterloo station via king cross station. When I looked at the thameslink train costs,it came to £37 per person for a single off peak ticket from the airport (including airport shuttle) to waterloo station. On TFL website contactless from luton airpark station to waterloo is £12.60 off peak. Is the TFL prices correct? Also i will have a 7 year old child with me. The costs of Theameslink is coming in for him at £10.30. Is there any way we could reduce it? Could anyone please help with the costs of travel?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Shana,

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to combine the airport shuttle with the rest of your journey. The fare for adults is £2.40 single or £3.80 for an open return (should be valid for a month). Children are half price.

    For the rest of your journey I can’t actually see your quoted prices. I think the £37 price may be wrong. £12.60 is correct for contactless from Luton Airport Parkway to Waterloo using the Underground from Kings Cross. But there’s an even cheaper way. Stay on the Thameslink train to London Bridge and then pick up any Southeastern train to Waterloo East. This avoids the Underground and so saves you £2.40 making the fare £10.20. The main exit from Waterloo East is onto the concourse at Waterloo Mainline.

    For your child it’s a bit more complicated. Contactless only charges adult fares so you’ll need to buy them a ticket. Unlike contactless you can’t avoid an Underground inclusive fare for Waterloo East, even though you don’t actually use it. The £10.30 price is from the Airport including the shuttle bus. Separately the bus is £1.20 and the train from Luton Airport Parkway is £9.05, so a 5p saving. If you get the return on the bus it’ll save a bit more over both journeys.

    So to summarise, shuttle bus returns £3.80 + £1.90, contactless for you £10.20 and ticket for child £9.05.

    shana bl

    Thanks mike,

    this info is a big help.



    It May Be Cheaper To Buy A Paper Ticket To / From Luton Or Luton Airport PKWY (If You Do So You Can Take A Child For Just £2.00 For A 1 Day Travelcard( Only On Thameslink, It Wouldnt Be Accepted On EMR)) And Then Either Pay For The Shuttle Bus Seperatley, (Mike Has Detailed The Fares Above) Or Purchase A Plusbus Ticket (Which Isnt Valid On The Shuttle Bus) But Is Accepted For Unlited Travel On The Multitude Of Buses That Connect The Airport To Parkway Station Or The Main Station In Town, So If You Decided To Make More Than One Trip On The Bus, This Would Be Do-Able

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