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    I am struggling to understand which daily cap I have encountered in the below journey. I was using contactless card payment.

    07:30 Maidenhead to West Drayton, £6.20
    07:54 West Drayton to Canary Wharf (EL), £5.60
    12:19 Bus 135, £1.75
    21:54 Canary Wharf (EL) to Paddington (EL) and then 22:27 Paddington (NR) to Maidenhead, £9.75 (all service daily cap)

    The total cost is £23.30. This is cheaper than expected since for the return journey I didn’t split at West Drayton. So I am not complaining.

    But I cannot figure out which daily cap has applied. So I am very curious.



    Hi Robert,

    As you may have seen we’re getting a lot of these queries at the moment.

    From what you’ve said I think it’s likely that you’ve been charged the zone 1-6 daily cap plus the Maidenhead to West Drayton peak single and an off-peak extension fare from zone 6 to Maidenhead. The problem is that no-one publishes the extension fares so it’s difficult to tell. If it’s as I’ve suggested then the extension fare is £2.20 which seems a little low. It is possible that the first fare has part contributed to the cap, but I’m not convinced that is necessarily the case. If a smaller cap (eg zone 1-5) is used then there would also need to be an extension fare on the West Drayton to Canary Wharf journey.

    At this stage I can’t offer much more. I am trying to get to the bottom of these extension fares, so watch this site in the new year.


    Hi Mike,

    Many thanks for your reply.

    It is quite unfortunate that the extension fares are not publicly avaiable. As you said, £2.20 for an off peak zone 6 to Maidenhead extension seems quite low. Also it is much cheaper than the off peak fare of West Drayton to Maidenhead, which is £3.50.

    This raises the question that if I did split at West Drayton for the off peak leg, would I be charged more for it, or would it be the same? Also if I didn’t split at West Drayton in the morning peak time, would they charge me for a zone 6 to Maindeanhead extension automatically, which sadly we do not know the price of.

    I understand that very likely we do not have sufficient informatino to answer these currently. I will be coming back in the new year to this site as you said to check whether any new information would become avaiable.

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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