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    Hi everyone,

    I started a new job in Epsom and I am looking to move into Lewisham or New Cross. I used the TfL fare finder and journey planner to estimate the cost of the journey, for example Lewisham to Epsom during peak times.
    In the journey planner I get a £5.50 fare if I get the SE train to London Bridge and then the SN train to Epsom. I am confused as the fare finder suggests that if I only use NR services via Zone 1 the fare would be £7.90.

    When I checked for New Cross Gate to Epsom, by using the Overground to Norwood Junction and then changing to SN for Epsom, the fare remains at £5.50.

    Also, I have one more question. If I travel back the same journey at £5.50 peak fare, but get the train at 18:00 from Epsom, will the fare count towards the off-peak cap, and if yes, is this off-peak cap reduced to £9.30 as I have the 26-30 railcard?


    Hi Nikolas

    You’ve stumbled upon a mistake in the fare database. The £5.50 fare is supposed to be avoiding zone 1. This can be done by taking the Overground to Surrey Quays and then heading back towards West Croydon. Because it’s the default fare it is charged if no other touches are made, and no touches are required at London Bridge as long as you stay within the paid area. Obviously when starting at New Cross Gate you won’t enter zone 1 so the fare from there is correct.

    And yes, any travel after 0930 is counted towards the off-peak cap, even between 1600-1900, and with a railcard the cap is reduced.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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