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    Chris Hein

    Went out with the other half on Monday and she used Contactless and I used my Oyster.

    The only difference between our trips was I made an additional bus journey but my other half had the following journey plan

    bus journey 428 – £1.55
    Slade Green to Covent Garden – £5.80
    Covent Garden to Stratford – £2.50
    Stratfd Int to Slade Green – £3.00
    bus journey 99 – £0.60

    Total of £13.45 and the 60p trip has an all services cap symbol next to it!

    My travel was the expected £13.50 also an all services cap.

    I just can’t figure out why the other half was charged 5p less than I expected.


    Contactless has seen that :

    * the Z1-2 cap (7.40) plus extension fares (3-6 for coming in from Slade Green is 3.05) plus the 3-6 single Stratford Int to Slade Green, with the buses covered by the cap

    is cheaper than

    * the sum of the individual fares as you’ve listed

    so you get the cheaper amount. The difference will (eventually) be given as a refund to the Oyster card, assuming it’s an undiscounted adult card.


    Hi Chris, and thanks akm,

    Yes the zone 3-6 NR extension is 5p more than the single fare so you end up paying the zone 1-6 cap. Because you caused the second extension to be an actual fare you avoided the extra 5p.

    What was the extra journey you made on your Oyster?

    Chris Hein

    I’ve just seen this. The extra journey I made was an additional trip on a 428 for my sins 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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