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    I’ll be traveling from Paddington to Watford Junction and I wanted make sure my fare assumptions are correct. This will be happening during the morning rush. Bakerloo to Queen’s Park, then Overground to Watford Junction.

    Per TFL: A peak single is £11.20.

    Paddington to Queen’s Park (Peak) is £3.20
    Queen’s Park to Watford Junction (Off Peak*) is £3.20
    *For whatever reason peak fares outbound are ONLY in the afternoon for Euston-Watford.

    So that’s almost a £5 difference.

    My question is if it’s sufficient to exit the ticket barriers at Queen’s Park, do a U turn and immediately enter the station again.

    Is there a minimum amount of time one has to be outside of the ticketed area? For a fiver, I’m more than happy to run up and down the steps.


    Hi MrNodozo,

    As long as it’s through gates then you can just turn round and come back in again. However, there’s a better place to do it. Paddington to Willesden Junction is the same price as to Queen’s Park, but Willesden Junction to Watford Junction is £1.10 cheaper than from Queen’s Park off-peak.


    That makes sense because Willesden Junction is a zone 2/3 station. So that’s one zone 1 -> 2 single (same as above) and then the Overground would treat it as a zone 3 -> 10 (aka Watford)

    Thanks for the tip.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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