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    I have a Z23 travelcard on Oyster- it was a lot simpler when I had a paper travelcard 🙂

    According to the Fare Finder, there’s only one possible fare from Putney Rail to Golders Green Tube, and that’s via Zone 1. However, to avoid Z1 I could change to the Overground at Clapham Junction (and tap the pink reader), exit at Camden Road, walk to Camden Town and get the Tube to Golders Green.

    But this excellent site shows that Camden Road – Camden Town is an OSI with an interchange time of 20 minutes- does this mean that if I tap in at Camden Town within 20 minutes of tapping out at Camden Road I’ll be charged the Z1 fare irrespective of my route? But if I wait more than 20 minutes, it’ll be counted as two separate journeys, neither of which enters Z1 which is what I want?

    Chris D.

    Another option would be tapping out and then straight back in again at Clapham Junction (perhaps at the Grant Road entrance). Clapham Junction to Golders Green is Zone 2 with an OSI at Camden Road/Camden Town which might save you waiting for the OSI to time out.

    The other thought that struck me is why you aren’t starting your journey at East Putney or Putney Bridge, which offer straightforward non-Zone 1 options.

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    Thanks, I never even thought of starting at East Putney, probably because I’ve never used West Brompton before.

    Starting at Putney has the advantage of knowing the exact(ish) departure time to connect with the Overground departure at Clapham Junction, but your suggestion of starting at East Putney is definitely the easiest- thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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