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    I’m curious about the peak fares from Slade Green to Gatwick Airport.

    It seems to be £17.50 via zone 1 or £14.20 via two specific routes avoiding zone 1.

    If you split at East Croydon that comes down to £13.70 via zone 1 or £11.10 via two specific routes avoiding zone 1.

    The specific routes avoiding zone 1 are a bit odd: first via a change at Canada Water tapping the pink reader. That’s fine although the more obvious way of getting from Slade Green onto the Overground (East London Line) would be via Whitechapel. The other specified route is via New Cross/New Cross Gate – this one doesn’t require a tap on a pink reader which I assume is because it’s an OSI so the system will automatically know if you’ve gone that way.

    My questions are:

    1. Does this mean that if you neither tap out at New Cross and in at New Cross Gate, nor tap on the pink reader at Surrey Quays, it will be assumed that you travelled via zone 1?

    2. Isn’t there a pink reader at Whitechapel? What would happen if you went via Whitechapel and tapped on the pink reader there?

    3. What’s the peak fare if you travel via Lewisham to Elmers End, take the tram to East Croydon and tap in there for the train to Gatwick?

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    Where you say Canada Water, do you mean Surrey Quays?

    1) Yes and no. Canada Water definitely works the same as Surrey Quays. I think Whitechapel may also do.

    2) Yes there are pink readers at Whitechapel. You’ll pass them when changing between Elizabeth Line and Overground.

    3) You’ll be charged for 3 separate journeys. Slade Green to Elmers End, a tram and East Croydon to Gatwick Airport.


    Thanks Mike!

    Yes, sorry, I did mean Surrey Quays.

    Quite a few different routes and price points to consider, then!

    I think, with luggage, the best option for me is probably the quickest route with the fewest changes (Slade Green > London Bridge > Gatwick Airport). Splitting the fare at East Croydon that’s £13.70 on contactless or £14.80 with two paper tickets. Both of these compare favourably with the £17.50 contactless fare not splitting at East Croydon.

    On this occasion I think I prefer the paper tickets as it will enable me to split the fare at East Croydon without getting off the train.


    Just checking you hadn’t missed the Elmers End option which is £12.15. Going to Gatwick it’s cross platform at the front at Lewisham but you will have to cross the bridge at Elmers End.

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