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    Chris D.

    A couple of days ago I needed to get from Southwark to Stockwell, and rather than changing at London Bridge, for a change I decided to walk from Southwark to Waterloo LU via Waterloo East.

    My off peak journey was charged at a railcard fare of £2.60, and I think I may have been hit by the fact Oyster can’t refund.

    Looking at the flow, I was assessed a £2.60 Z1 NR1-T fare for walking from Southwark to Waterloo East – a journey for which no route exists, incidentally. The onward route to Stockwell then assessed no further charge.

    If it thinks it’s an NR1-T route overall, then surely it should have charged an extra 10p. Alternatively maybe it realised at the end that it overcharged by £1.00 but couldn’t refund it.

    Journey history below…

    16 December 2020
    15:41 – 16:05 Southwark to Stockwell £2.60 £50.65
    16:05 Touch out, Stockwell +£1.15 £50.65
    15:50 Touch in, Waterloo (Colonnade) [London Underground] £1.15 £49.50
    15:47 Touch out, Waterloo East [National Rail] +£1.15 £50.65
    15:43 Touch in, Waterloo East [National Rail] £3.75 £49.50
    15:43 Touch out, Southwark +£3.75 £53.25
    15:41 Touch in, Southwark £3.75 £49.50


    Hi Chris,

    The free walkthough at Southwark is implimented by setting fares for destinations to Southwark via Waterloo East. I don’t think anyone would expect people to walk through both which is why they haven’t defined a fare. Where no fare is defined there is a secret formula to produce a fare which usually ends up at the NR1-T rate.

    The OSIs will have joined everything up but there is no route between Southwark and Stockwell via Waterloo East so it didn’t charge the extra 10p. But you are right, Oyster won’t refund a previously charged fare so you were left with the original zone 1 NR1-T fare.

    Chris D.

    Interesting! Looks like the same applies for Bermondsey to Charing Cross NR, which I did a while back, but the NR1-T guess was correct there. Obviously solution would be to add a route from Southwark to Waterloo East at Z1 TfL-LU but I guess that could cause different problems.


    Southwark to Waterloo East arguably shouldn’t cost anything as it’s a walk, but I’m not sure they can program that. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Liverpool Street LU – Moorgate and Farringdon – Barbican when Crossrail opens.

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