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    Nick Jones

    I’m struggling to work out when the £4.20 default route fare would apply for Tolworth to Liverpool Street Underground. The alternative route and £6 far covers changes at Waterloo and most other stations. Which route would be considered default for this journey? Thanks.


    Changing onto the District Line at Wimbledon, then change again on to the H&C (or Circle) at Edgware Road?


    Tolworth -> Wimbledon -> Paddington -> Liverpool Street perhaps?

    SWR – District – Elizabeth in this case.

    Clapham to the Overground and on from there is another possibility I suppose but it’s not that direct


    “Which route would be considered default ” – that’s not what default means; there’s no one specific ‘default route’. 6.30/4.20 is what you get charged if you do this journey (within maximum journey time) using ANY OTHER route, that doesn’t OSI at Vauxhall or Elephant and Castle or the Batterseas, and also doesn’t use the LU side of a South London terminus.

    You could go:

    Tolworth –NR– Wimbledon –LU– Liverpool St


    Tolworth –NR– Wimbledon –LU– Paddington –EL– Liverpool St


    Tolworth –NR– Clapham Junction –LO– Whitechapel — EL — Liverpool St


    You get the idea. Just remember to stay within MJT!

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    Mike (admin)

    Thanks all for the responses. Default route is a difficult concept, I agree. The other variable with Liverpool Street LU is that you can end a journey at Moorgate and walk through the EL passageway and get charged the same as if you’d ended at Moorgate.

    Nick Jones

    Thanks for the replies, all really helpful. I can decide if it’s worth picking a specific route to save a few pounds now!

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