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    Joel Colyer

    Hi all,

    I often change from the Oyster to paper tickets at Clapham Junction, coming from the Overground. Are there any yellow validators in that area of the station? I’ve only ever managed to find one on platform 17 where the Southern WLL service goes.

    Last time I was coming from the SWR area back into London I tried to touch in on a pink reader to see if it would work – it did. Will this work in reverse? It would certainly save time going down to the gateline if you can end your journey on a pink reader.

    Mike (admin)

    Hi Joel,

    Short answer is No. When in the system a pink validator simply records a via point. As you’ve found, if out of the system it will recond an entry. If you need to end a PAYG journey you’ll need to use the gate under platform 1.


    There are also some yellow validators on the paid side of the barriers to the far (high platform number) end of the underpass. Or there were a year ago. It saves going in and out of the gate line but it’s a bit of a walk if you’re not coming on or off a Southern served platform, particularly at busier times.

    I’ve done both, I feel more silly going through the barrier twice but more guilty tapping in or out on the validators! (To be clear, when I do it, I’m not guilty of anything other than a legitimate change of ticket type.)

    Mike (admin)

    Thanks Feathers,

    That’s news to me but worth knowing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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