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    I have both Oyster 60+ and a Senior Railcard and want to travel from Coulsdon South to Merstham on Southern. Merstham is one stop outside the 60+ free travel zone.

    The website shows that there is an Adult SNR Oyster “PAYG OFFPK INFO” fare available at £1.45 versus the paper ticket which would be £2.40.

    How can I access the £1.45 fare? My 60+ Oyster would not be valid at Mertham and as far as I am aware I can’t put any money on it. Would I would need to purchase a normal (ie non- 60+) Oyster card and ask TFL to put my Senior Railcard discount on it?

    My Senior Railcard discount was previously added onto my 60+ Oyster card by a member of TFL staff but I’ve never understood why they do that that as the 60+ Oyster allows free travel so there is not any discount to be had. Or am I missing something?


    No, you’re not missing anything. Adding a railcard discount to a 60+ Oyster is pointless.

    You will need to buy a normal adult Oyster and get the railcard discount added to that.

    As a final note, whilst is brilliant for finding fares for the National Rail network, the Oyster and CPAY fare info is not always correct. This is not the fault of brfares. There is no direct link between the data used by brfares and the TfL database which means that the fares can sometimes be wrong. There are also a lot of missing fares.


    Thank you that’s very useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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