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    Kevin Jones

    Dear All

    Thanks for such a fantastic website – I’m about to move to London to start work, and reading up on Oysters/travelcards etc has been a bit confusing to say the least, but glad I’m now in the right place

    My commute will be Clapham North (z2) to Woolwich Dockyard (z3) for a 12 month period. This will be Northern line from Clapham North to London Bridge (z1), and then National Rail from London Bridge to Woolwich Dockyard

    From my rota (and taking annual leave into account), if I were to use PAYG with my railcard added, I believe that my annual costs of travelling to work would come to ~1670

    Instead, I am thinking of purchasing an annual z1-z3 travelcard for 1740. Whilst this would cost me an extra £70, this would allow me to take trips into London on my days off and on weekends at no extra cost (unless I travel into zone 4, of course)

    I just wanted to check whether you would advise this as a plan, and whether I need to consider anything else in my decision? If I travelled into zone 4 and beyond, would this just be via PAYG (in which case I could get my railcard discount at off-peak times?)?

    Many thanks for all your advice and help

    Best wishes


    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, that looks like a good plan, particularly if you plan to make other trips at weekends etc. Travel beyond zone 3 would come from PAYG as you say, and yes you can add a railcard, or get the gold card discount applied to reduce those off-peak fares.

    You might also want to check out a cheaper option. Clapham High Street – Denmark Hill – Lewisham – Woolwich Dockyard only takes 45-55 minutes but means you only need zones 2-3 for your travelcard.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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