Weekly Journey History not run

Thanks to regular visitor Phil who spotted that the normal Monday distribution of weekly journey statements had not run this week.  According to the helpdesk there was a problem which meant Oyster online was unavailable for some of Monday.  It appears that this included the time when the statements are generated. Hopefully they will now arrange to re-run the job.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Journey History not run”

  1. Thanks for the credit Mike! As per your reply to my original comment, I only had one day of travel last week (one train and three bus journeys) but was wondering why I hadn’t had the statement email.

  2. Looks like there may still be problems as I’ve had no statement this week either.

    • No travel this week on my card, but I can check next week. This is a poor show if there is a serious problem.

  3. You guessed it……no statement again. (And yes I’ve checked and it’s not in my spam folder). If there’s a problem preventing them from sending statements out then, as you said, why is there no message to say so on the tfl site?

  4. I’ve finally received a statement. Dated 20th-26th May. No sign of the other missing ones yet.

    • Thanks Martin,

      My son’s card wasn’t used that week so I won’t get that one. Let’s hope they back track through the rest of the weeks, or send out a complimentary monthly report for May to fill most of the gap.

  5. I to received the 20th – 26th May edition, three times within fifteen minutes so it may appear problems are not over yet.

  6. I’ve received another statement dated 28th May-2nd June 2013 today, yet no sign of the missing ones from early May.

  7. I’ve just received the statement for the last week which includes the phantom bus journey made late last night to trigger it. No sign of the earlier missing statements though.

  8. I tried registering for statements again, then on Saturday 1st I received a statement for 20th-26th May twice. This included my travel on May 24th, which is still my most recent travel so I’m not due another statement at the moment. If I go to ‘view my journey history’ on the website I’m able to view all my travel that should have been covered in the missing statements.

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