What’s wrong with this poster?

I made a return trip to Gatwick yesterday to see my son off on a plane. Obviously I didn’t want to line GTR’s pockets (or the DfT) more than I had to so I touched out and back in at East Croydon each way while changing trains.  On the way back I noticed a poster advertising Oyster/contactless at Gatwick.

IMG_20160616_135214So, comment below if you can spot the glaring errors. There are at least two to find.

Hint: Click the image to enlarge it.

10 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this poster?”

  1. How about… a peak single to London Terminals Z1 on Southern of £14.00, not £14.50?
    and.. arrive after 0950 for off peak should be touch in after 0930?

  2. Regarding ‘Cheaper fares may be available using paper tickets: On daily compared to £14.00 to London Victoria the paper ‎alternatives as shown on Southernrailway.com are £15.40(Southern) and £15.50(Thameslink). Off peak fare (although only ‎commencing from 11:56 and ending at 17:38) is £12.00. The weekend fares are the same peak and off peak but the £12.00 fare ‎only operates from (07:53 to 10:03).‎

    • Hi,

      Single fares are generally cheaper on Oyster/contactless. When you make return journeys you can often save with paper.

  3. Hi Mike,
    The other error = the minimum Oyster PAYG balance of £14.50 is wrong – as per Tfl’s website…

    If using an Oyster card:
    Adults must have at least £14.00 (peak) or £8.00 (off-peak) on their card to start a journey; and…
    If you have a National Railcard or Gold Card discount set on your Oyster card, you must have at least £13.90 (peak) or £5.30 (off-peak) on your card to start a journey

    Typical of the mis-information when it comes to Tfl fares

    • Hi Pat,

      Yes, that’s the other error. Diabolically sloppy poster creation from someone who obviously doesn’t have a clue.

  4. So if you tap on the reader at the start and the end of the journey, how does it know if you took Southern/Thameslink or Gatwick Express?

    • Quite crudely. If your touch at Victoria is on platforms 13/14 then it charges Gatwick Express fares. If an ordinary Southern train uses platforms 13/14 then you should be allowed through a side gate to touch elsewhere. If a Gatwick Express uses a platform other than 13/14 then you get a cheap ride.

  5. At East Cryodon, can you touch in/out on the platform or do you need to exit and reexit the station?

    • Hi Ian,

      There are no platform validators at East Croydon. You need to go up the ramp at the country end of the platforms and exit through the barriers into the concourse.

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