Special Short Hop Fares in Zones 1-2

There are a number of mostly Underground journeys which are short but straddle the zone 1/2 boundary.  Historically (probably before Oyster) these have always been charged a zone 1 fare rather than the higher zone 1-2 fare. Until recently the benefit was only at peak times, but since March there is now a small benefit off-peak as well.  The reduced price is the only difference with these fares; they don’t reduce the daily cap although they might mean it isn’t reached.

I’ll admit that until recently I really didn’t see what was so special about these fares.  There are other places where cheaper fares are available than the farescale says should be charged.  The main one is National Rail through fares where the change to the Underground happens at either Vauxhall or Elephant & Castle and the journey ends in zone 1.  However, the recent re-zoning of Kennington from zone 2 to zone 1/2 means that several of the cheap fares now no longer exist.  It also meant careful consideration had to be made when Geoff Marshall chose his journey for this explanatory video.

While researching this with Geoff we noticed that there are a few short journeys that don’t seem to be included.  Kennington to Southwark was one, but that is now moot.  I did wonder if the Jubilee line extension was too new, but Bermondsey to London Bridge is included.  However, Bermondsey to Southwark is not included with a distance of 3.19km, while Aldgate East to Mile End is included with a distance of 3.67km.  Similarly Queensway to White City isn’t included at 3.33km but Paddington to Wood Lane is, also at 3.67km.

There also appears to be a glaring anomaly where both Hammersmith stations have zone 1 only fares to both High Street Kensington and Gloucester Road.  This is logical via the District line, but from the Hamm&City station via Wood Lane/White City and Notting Hill Gate it’s a ridiculous distance.  Plus you pay more to travel from Goldhawk Road to High Street Kensington than you do from Hammersmith using the same trains.

In the East the situation is even worse.  There are a number of short hops on the Overground line through Shoreditch, partly because it was an Underground line until 2007.  They’ve also included a few DLR journeys because they run close to the District line.  But like Hammersmith they’ve decided to duplicate the journeys between the Tower stations and the Shadwell stations.  So the question is, just how is one supposed to get from Tower Gateway to Shadwell LO.  It must be the most pointless fare in the system.  For the table below I’ve assumed Tower Gateway – Shadwell DLR – Bank – Monument – Whitechapel – Shadwell LO.

Below is a table listing all the pairs which can be sorted on either station or the distance by clicking the arrows in the headings.  The distances have been derived from the results of a freedom of information request with an estimation for Wood Lane which was omitted from the results for some reason (was it closed at one point?)  Where two routes exist I’ve gone for fewest changes, so Kings Cross to Camden Town is the direct route even though via Mornington Crescent is slightly shorter.

Zone 1 StationZone 2 StationDist (km)
AldgateBethnal Green2.88
AldgateShadwell DLR1.51
AldgateShadwell LO3.10
AldgateStepney Green3.12
Aldgate EastBethnal Green3.19
Aldgate EastMile End3.67
Aldgate EastRotherhithe3.88
Aldgate EastShadwell DLR1.81
Aldgate EastShadwell LO2.60
Aldgate EastStepney Green2.62
Aldgate EastWapping3.37
Aldgate EastWhitechapel1.62
AngelMornington Crescent2.81
Baker StreetMaida Vale3.34
Baker StreetRoyal Oak2.29
Baker StreetSt Johns Wood2.06
Baker StreetSwiss Cottage2.98
Baker StreetWarwick Avenue2.55
BankBethnal Green3.01
BayswaterHolland Park1.40
BayswaterMaida Vale2.65
BayswaterRoyal Oak1.62
BayswaterShepherds Bush2.27
BayswaterWarwick Avenue1.86
BayswaterWestbourne Park2.60
Bond StreetMornington Crescent3.72
Cannon StreetWhitechapel2.64
Earls CourtHolland Park2.80
Edgware RoadHolland Park3.20
Edgware RoadKilburn Park3.27
Edgware RoadLadbroke Grove3.34
Edgware RoadMaida Vale2.39
Edgware RoadRoyal Oak1.57
Edgware RoadSt Johns Wood3.01
Edgware RoadWarwick Avenue1.60
Edgware RoadWestbourne Park2.55
EustonCaledonian Road2.57
EustonCamden Town1.46
EustonChalk Farm2.31
EustonKentish Town2.61
EustonMornington Crescent0.82
Euston SquareCaledonian Road2.81
Euston SquareCamden Town3.17
Euston SquareMornington Crescent2.28
Gloucester RoadBarons Court2.47
Gloucester RoadFulham Broadway2.37
Gloucester RoadHammersmith C&H6.23
Gloucester RoadHammersmith D&P3.15
Gloucester RoadHolland Park2.47
Gloucester RoadKensington Olympia2.47
Gloucester RoadParsons Green3.16
Gloucester RoadWest Brompton1.53
Gloucester RoadWest Kensington1.83
Goodge StreetCamden Town2.50
Goodge StreetMornington Crescent1.86
Great Portland StreetMornington Crescent1.43
Great Portland StreetRoyal Oak3.21
Great Portland StreetSt Johns Wood2.98
High Street KensingtonBarons Court2.80
High Street KensingtonFulham Broadway2.76
High Street KensingtonHammersmith C&H5.30
High Street KensingtonHammersmith D&P3.48
High Street KensingtonHolland Park1.54
High Street KensingtonKensington Olympia2.80
High Street KensingtonShepherds Bush2.41
High Street KensingtonWest Brompton1.86
High Street KensingtonWest Kensington2.16
Kings CrossCaledonian Road1.96
Kings CrossCamden Town2.32
Kings CrossChalk Farm3.17
Kings CrossHighbury & Islington2.45
Kings CrossHolloway Road2.55
Kings CrossKentish Town3.47
Kings CrossMornington Crescent1.43
Lambeth NorthOval2.54
Lancaster GateHolland Park2.20
Lancaster GateShepherds Bush3.07
Leicester SquareMornington Crescent2.88
Liverpool StreetBethnal Green2.27
Liverpool StreetShadwell DLR2.12
Liverpool StreetShadwell LO2.72
Liverpool StreetStepney Green2.74
Liverpool StreetWapping3.49
Liverpool StreetWhitechapel1.74
London BridgeBermondsey1.93
London BridgeWhitechapel2.99
Mansion HouseWhitechapel2.95
MaryleboneMaida Vale2.84
MaryleboneRoyal Oak1.81
MaryleboneSt Johns Wood2.56
MaryleboneWarwick Avenue2.05
MaryleboneWestbourne Park2.79
MonumentBethnal Green3.01
MoorgateBethnal Green2.78
Notting Hill GateWarwick Avenue2.65
Notting Hill GateWest Brompton2.79
Notting Hill GateWest Kensington3.09
Old StreetWhitechapel2.94
Oxford CircusCamden Town3.12
Oxford CircusMornington Crescent2.48
PaddingtonHolland Park2.38
PaddingtonKilburn Park2.55
PaddingtonLadbroke Grove2.41
PaddingtonLatimer Road3.07
PaddingtonMaida Vale1.67
PaddingtonRoyal Oak0.64
PaddingtonWarwick Avenue0.88
PaddingtonWestbourne Park1.62
PaddingtonWood Lane3.67
QueenswayHolland Park1.30
QueenswayRoyal Oak3.10
QueenswayShepherds Bush2.17
Regents ParkMornington Crescent3.35
Regents ParkRoyal Oak3.17
Regents ParkSt Johns Wood2.94
Russell SquareCaledonian Road2.87
Russell SquareCamden Town3.23
Russell SquareMornington Crescent2.34
Shoreditch High StreetDalston Junction1.63
Shoreditch High StreetHaggerston1.22
Shoreditch High StreetShadwell LO1.34
Shoreditch High StreetWapping1.84
Shoreditch High StreetWhitechapel0.73
South KensingtonBarons Court3.21
South KensingtonFulham Broadway3.11
South KensingtonKensington Olympia3.21
South KensingtonWest Brompton2.27
South KensingtonWest Kensington2.57
St PaulsWhitechapel3.22
Tottenham Court RoadCamden Town3.14
Tottenham Court RoadMornington Crescent2.48
Tower GatewayLimehouse DLR2.04
Tower GatewayShadwell DLR1.01
Tower GatewayShadwell LO6.57
Tower GatewayStepney Green2.99
Tower GatewayWhitechapel1.99
Tower HillBethnal Green3.38
Tower HillLimehouse DLR3.63
Tower HillShadwell DLR2.96
Tower HillShadwell LO2.23
Tower HillStepney Green2.62
Tower HillWhitechapel1.62
Warren StreetCaledonian Road3.46
Warren StreetCamden Town2.22
Warren StreetChalk Farm3.07
Warren StreetKentish Town3.37
Warren StreetMornington Crescent1.58

3 thoughts on “Special Short Hop Fares in Zones 1-2”

  1. Something I have observed in the past is the large number of people changing from tube to bus at St. John’s Wood in the morning peak, clearly coming from zones 3/4/5/6 into the ultimate station in zone 2, then completing their journey into Zone 1 by bus.

    St. John’s Wood is well served with buses close to the tube station, and the initial part of the route south (Wellington Road to Baker Street then onwards to Oxford Street or changing for the Marlyebone Road) is usually one of the quicker routes.

    Presumably most of the people changing are doing so because it is financially cheaper to travel this way on their preferred combination of tickets/PAYG, when I looked in the past it did seem that it would be cheaper for some combinations of tickets. [There would be a few locations where completing the journey by bus would be quicker, door to door.]

    St. John’s Wood isn’t the shortest of the short hops–the shortest hop from St. John’s Wood, to Baker Street, is about half way down the table at 2.06km. (The table doesn’t record distance to the nominal point used to measure road distances to “London”, which might also be relevant to my point, but I know would be lot of effort to compile)

    I wonder if there are any other Zone 2 stations that are close to the Zone 1 boundary (whether in the short hop scheme or not) where there is a similar modal transition at volume?

    Of course, effective use of multiple transport modes is something that should be designed into the TfL systems and supported where it achieves shortest door to door times, but the fares shouldn’t be set in such a way as to discriminate single seat journeys on cost ground.

  2. We could do with similar special short hop fares for some journeys that straddle other zone boundaries, e.g. Putney Bridge (Zone 2) to Southfields (Zone 3).

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