A Double Journey?

I’ve just checked my journey history and noticed that Tuesday night’s journey to Norwood Junction has been charged as two separate journeys, one from Crayford to London Bridge and the other from London Bridge to Norwood Junction.  Surely that can’t be right?  True, I could have used the footbridge to change platforms, but I was hungry and needed to visit Burger King on the concourse.  Besides, what if I found stairs difficult?  My route of choice would then be to use the ramps from platforms 1-6, through the gates to the concourse and then back through the other gates to platforms 8-16.  Time for a letter to Oyster Customer Services on this one.

Fortunately I was not overcharged by the end of the day for this issue.  The effect of peak pricing before 1900 meant that I would have ended up with a travelcard anyway.  However, if I do this on a Saturday afternoon then I would not normally be getting a travelcard, so it is important to understand what is happening here.

While I’m writing a letter I’m also going to complain about the missing journeys on the online journey history.  It’s very hit and miss as to whether details will appear or not.  They must be there, because if I ask the helpdesk to generate a report then all the details are there.  The report just takes a couple of days to arrive for some unknown reason.