Contactless PAYG boost for the Thames Valley

Beyond zones 1-9 the daily and weekly caps for contactless PAYG are usually set at the same rates as the outboundary travelcards (Anytime, Off-peak and Weekly) to zones 1-6.  This is because using contactless is marketed as a convenience rather than value for money. Note that there are exceptions where Oyster is also available because … Read more

September Fare Changes Reviewed

Not much usually changes in either the May or September fare revisions, at least as far as Oyster and contactless is concerned. This year has been very different. Some of the changes have been mentioned in earlier posts, but I’ll repeat them here along with other details which weren’t publicised in advance. Oyster card fee … Read more

Interchanging at Custom House

A problem that has been reported in several places is the lack of validators in a key place at Custom House. As part of the new Elizabeth line station, a set of escalators has been provided from the DLR platforms up to the side gate into the Elizabeth line station. The problem is that no-one … Read more