Capping Examples

On this page I try to explain the art of fare capping using real examples.  Unless otherwise stated they are for full adult fares using Oyster.

Multiple buses in one day

08:58Bus 96£1.55£1.55
09:20Bus 229£0.00£1.55Hopper fare
10:30Bus 51£1.55£3.10
12:44Bus 469£1.55£4.65
16:47Bus 428£0.00£4.65Daily bus cap reached

Commute using National Rail and Underground

Note how even a simple return journey can sometimes be limited by caps.
08:00Crayford (6)Oxford Circus (1)£8.60£8.60
17:00Oxford Circus (1)Crayford (6)£4.90£13.50Zone 1-6 daily cap reached

Morning Peak journey with Off-peak cap reached

The first journey is during the morning peak and the day involves travel outside zones 1-6 so there is a cheaper off-peak cap available. Note that the anytime cap is not reached.
09:10Bus 96£1.55£1.55
09:35Crayford (6)London Bridge (1)£4.30£5.85
12:15London Bridge (1)Bond Street (1)£2.40£8.25
13:30Bond Street (1)Tottenham Ct Rd (1)£2.40£10.65
15:00Oxford Circus (1)Dartford (8)£4.50£15.15Zone 1-8 off-peak cap
plus £1.55 for early bus

Morning Peak journey with Anytime cap reached

The same journeys but without using the bus to avoid a peak rail fare. This time the daily anytime cap is reached before the off-peak cap.
09:10Dartford (8)London Bridge (1)£8.00£8.00
12:15London Bridge (1)Bond Street (1)£2.40£10.40
13:30Bond Street (1)Tottenham Ct Rd (1)£2.40£12.80
15:00Oxford Circus (1)Dartford (8)£4.60£17.40Zone 1-8 daily cap reached

Daily Capping with Oyster (mainly zone 1-2)

10:10Upminster (6)Tower Hill (1)£3.30£3.30
12:15Aldgate (1)Baker Street (1)£2.40£5.70
13:02Baker Street (1)Oxford Circus (1)£2.40£8.10
14:28Bond Street (1)Camden Town (2)£2.40£10.50
16:30Camden Town (2)Upminster (6)£3.00£13.50Zone 1-6 daily cap reached

Daily Capping with Contactless (mainly zone 1-2)

10:10Upminster (6)Tower Hill (1)£3.30£3.30will become a zone 6-3 extension later
12:15Aldgate (1)Baker Street (1)£2.40£5.70
13:02Baker Street (1)Oxford Circus (1)£2.40£8.10
14:28Bond Street (1)Camden Town (2)£1.00£9.10Zone 1-2 daily cap plus £1.50 off-peak extension fare for zones 6-3
16:30Camden Town (2)Upminster (6)£2.80£11.90As above plus a zone 3-6 peak extension fare

Rail in zones 1-2 plus buses and a tram

There is a special consideration if you cap at the zones 1-2 rate and then decide to use the tram. This is because trams only run in zones 3-6 and thus are not valid if the travelcard or cap doesn't include one of those zones.
10:10Bayswater (1)Westminster (1)£2.40£2.40
11:25Victoria (1)Brixton (2)£2.50£4.90
11:42Bus 109£1.55£6.45
13:21West Croydon Tram£1.55£8.00Tram takes cap over zones 1-2
14:55Bus 54£0.70£8.70Zone 1-3 daily cap reached
16:30Lewisham (2)Bayswater (1)£0.00£8.70

I’ll be adding further examples over time.  Do respond in the comments if you have a scenario that you’d like explained.

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2 thoughts on “Capping Examples”

  1. Hi,
    I travel between zone 3 to zone 1 and vice versa- National rail & Underground tube (AM at 7.40-08.30 and PM 4.40-5.40) Mon-Fri for work so i reach my cap of £8.70 a day that I have been paying.
    I have been using my Oyster card but am thinking of getting a monthly travel card to add to my oyster as I do travel into London on weekends occasionally too. Can you advise if this is the best thing to do? I’m also considering if adding a 26-30 Railcard to my oyster would benefit me here? But I believe not as I travel in ‘peak’.
    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

  2. Hi Amy,

    A monthly travelcard will save you a bit even if you only travel 5 days a week hitting the cap every day. If you also travel at weekends then you’ll save even more. Basically the daily cap is 1/5 of the weekly travelcard and a monthly travelcard costs 3.84x the weekly price.

    The railcard won’t help towards the cost of a travelcard, but any off-peak travel outside the zones on your travelcard would be discounted. If you have the railcard anyway then get it added so you’ll get a discount if you say travel when on holiday from work.

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