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laura ellis

Mike this is super helpful – my journey goes like this:

Touched in at Hayes approx 0603 (wonder if I may have accidentally touched in twice – would that be a factor?)
Travelled to London Bridge. Touched out.
Tube to White City (approx 7am) touched in and out
Tube to Ox Circus (approx 3pm) touched in and out
Tube to London Bridge (approx 6pm) touched in

This is where it gets a bit complicated. When I realised there was a RRB (and was with husband who was travelling back to Oxted) I decided to travel back to Oxted with him and get a lift to Hayes to collect my car and touch out. So, touching in at London Bridge at 11pm and then out at Hayes at 12.04 should have exactly replicated what would have been my London to Hayes journey – albeit it was achieved by a slightly circuitous route. Full disclosure, I was going to explain what happened at the barrier at Oxted and hope they let me through but in the event the barrier were open. 😉

How would I go about getting any refund? Is it just the TfL site? Is there a record anywhere of my journey if made via contactless?