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Si Hollett

Isn’t the aim of theses non-interchanges being shown like that on the map as “here’s an alternative station for those locations”? In which case, why not show stuff like Bayswater/Queensway or Regent’s Park/Great Portland Street where Londoners know that the stations are really close, but other people don’t?

It doesn’t help that the vast majority of station-station links (and still a majority even if you include links to modes that don’t have the same pricing structure: Trams, Cable Car, HS1, and the River) are valid OSIs with only a few exceptions that aren’t.

Using the walking links to link two stations with the same name at places like Hammersmith, Elephant & Castle, and Canary Wharf also reinforces the mostly-correct, but not correct, idea that these are OSIs being shown.

By my reckoning, there are four ‘false friends’:
Harringay Green Lanes – Manor House
Caledonian Road – Caledonian Road & Barnsbury
City Thameslink – St Pauls
Swiss Cottage – South Hampstead