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Hi Chris,

It will depend on what you do before 0930. If it’s just a bus then I think you’ll benefit from a bug in that that journey will be treated as part of the off-peak cap. If you also do a train journey before 0930 then expect that to be added to the zones 1-9 off-peak cap.

To explain further, your travel before 0930 will count towards the Anytime cap for zones 1-6. After 0930 it will count towards both the Anytime and Off-peak caps for those zones so the Anytime cap will stop the charges when it is reached. When you go beyond zone 6 you’ll start contributing towards the zone 1-9 off-peak cap and you’ll then stop when you reach it, including the earlier zones 1-6 travel off-peak, but not the pre-0930 travel.

Feel free to post your journey history on Wednesday and I’ll decipher it.