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    Simon Aglionby

    I am struggling to find extension fares for journeys made outside zone 6 when using a 60+ Oyster. Specifically I’d like to buy the tickets in advance for a journey to Gatwick from home (Ealing).

    Prior to attaining this marker of an advanced age, I would use my PAYG Oyster on the 65 bus to Kew Bridge, then SWR to Clapham Common and any (non GEX) service to Gatwick. Now I think the 60+ card covers me to the edge of zone 6 (which is where exactly, do I have to count from the last in zone 6 stop of the particular service I am using?), and from there I will need an extension ticket to/from Gatwick.

    Is an extension the same fare as a regular ticket for that journey, and do I need to pass through the gate (or touch in) at the boundary station on either the outward or return journey?

    Can I just use Trainline to buy an East Croydon (or wherever) to Gatwick e-Ticket return, and not stress about queuing for tickets anywhere on journey, or have to get off to touch out/in (and thereby miss a train) at the boundary.

    Is Freedom Pass (some more years away yet) the same thing as 60+ in this circumstance?


    Hi Simon,

    The 60+ Oyster card and the Freedom Pass are both off-peak season tickets so there is no penalty for not touching in or out within the zones.

    Usually you would buy a ticket from boundary zone 6 to your destination, especially if there is more than one route (eg to Epsom). In the case of Gatwick Airport you are best to buy Purley to Gatwick Airport tickets. Off-peak they are slightly cheaper than the BZ fare and Purley ensures you are valid via either Redhill or the Quarry route. The train doesn’t need to call at Purley because your 60+ is a season ticket.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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