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    I take the train from Bracknell to Richmond, and then the tube from Richmond to Hammersmith to Wood Lane, and back 1-2 times per week during peak times.

    On the return journey, I arrive at Richmond from Hammersmith and tap out on the yellow card reader with my contactless card, and then walk to the platform to get the train to Bracknell (i.e. I don’t go through any ticket barriers). However, I keep being charged the maximum fare on my return journey from Hammersmith, even though I tap out once I’ve arrived at Richmond. What am I doing wrong?

    I was also wondering whether it would be cheaper to buy a SWR train ticket to Feltham, and then use pay-as-you-go travel for Feltham onwards? But would this mean I would have to get off the train at Feltham and then get back on it?

    Many thanks in advance

    Mike (admin)

    Hi London commuter,

    Are you sure it’s a yellow reader that you touch at Richmond? There are pink interchange readers there which are intended for people changing trains in the middle of a PAYG journey. If you touch on one of those and you aren’t in the system then it will start a new journey, but it won’t end one the other way around. You need to exit through the gates and re-enter with your paper ticket so that it will end the journey correctly.

    It will save a little money by switching to PAYG at Feltham. The SWR ticket is £5.20 cheaper and the PAYG peak single is £2.10 more expensive, so a saving of £1.00. You would have to get off the train to touch in/out. It might be worthwhile investigating where the gates/validators are at Feltham in case you can seat yourself in the correct part of the train to hop off, touch, and hop on again. If you do this you will also have to touch the pink reader at Richmond to ensure you are charged the avoiding zone 1 fare.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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