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    Saj Shah

    I frequently use the OSI at West Hampstead between Jubilee and Overground to travel across London avoiding zone 1. One morning, I switched from the underground to the overground, only to find the Overground was closed, shutters down, with a sign saying trains were resuming 45 min later, no reason given. So I returned to the underground station to continue my journey, and was charged for 2 separate journeys, second now at peak time.
    In my view, this isn’t my fault and I should be charged for 1 off peak journey (ideally the avoiding zone 1 price, but understand if not). I contacted the Oyster helpline, who initially said all trains were running per their records, so no refunds due. Once I sent them a picture of the sign, they changed to saying there were strikes (not that I can find any record of this) and that means they don’t issue refunds at all.

    Now I’m not looking for a free journey, just to be reverted to the actual single journey, had the tap out / in not happened, which would have been the case if it was an internal station change. Do I have an argument, and how can I escalate?

    Mike (admin)

    Hi Saj,

    That’s a bit of a difficult one. Can you give me more info (date and time) and I’ll try and find out what was happening then. I’m disappointed that they appear to be changing their story. Strikes must be putting a toll on the amount of calls, but that’s no excuse for giving misleading information.

    If there was a strike then you’d be expected to know what was running and plan accordingly, therefore they would not give refunds in that situation. However, if there was a temporary reason why the Overground wasn’t running then I would hope that they’d offer a refund down to the fare for the journey you actually made as a gesture of goodwill.

    I can’t say which way they’ll go, but if I can find out the reason then I suggest you write an email asking them to reconsider.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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