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    Hi, I travelled to East India station from Stanmore via Jubilee line from Stanmore to Canning Town and then via DLR from Canning town to. East India Station.

    When I exited from East India station there was no yellow card barrier. Therefore I didn’t swipe my contactless card while exiting East India station.

    In ideal situation, I should be charged £5 each way,( peak fare) I believe.

    1. Is there any yellow card reader in East I did station? If so, whereabout in the station?

    2. When I am changing platform in Canning town to board DLR, do I need to swipe the card anywhere?


    Hi Raj,

    There ought to be yellow readers at East India Station. They are probably at street level. There are no gates at virtually all DLR stations.

    You don’t need to touch any readers while changing at Canning Town.

    You will have been charged for an incomplete journey which is £8.90 at peak times. You may be able to correct this online if your card is registered to a TfL account. Otherwise you can call the helpdesk and explain what happened.


    Google street view shows the oyster pads at the foot of the staircases which does tend to be the normal place on these elevated DLR stations. I haven’t heard of anything that might have caused them to be moved recently so it’s a fair bet that they’re still there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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