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    Just got a question that I wondered if someone could answer for me please?

    In the coming months, me and my girlfriend are going to London, and plan on going to Richmond Park, and then along the river to Teddington Lock. After that we plan on going into Bushy Park and heading from there to Hampton Wick train station (as that looks the nearest train station to the park according to Google Maps) and back into central London to Vauxhall.

    On looking on Citimapper, it seems that it’s possible to get a train from Hampton Wick. I think Citimapper showed that they are SWR trains from Hampton Wick, and the train goes to Waterloo ultimately (which would be the next stop after Vauxhall).

    My question is, would I be able to use a contactless credit card to tap in at Hampton Wick, and also be able to tap out at Vauxhall train station, or would a paper ticket need to be purchased prior to travelling for the mentioned journey?


    Hi Talster,

    Hampton Wick is in zone 6 and is absolutely fine to use contactless to Vauxhall. Pretty much all trains from there will stop at Vauxhall on the way into Waterloo.


    Hi Mike.

    Or that is brilliant, thanks so much for the help, really appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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