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    I was just wondering how TfL comes up with the amounts for maximum fares. In some of the places its fairly obvious (for example, Heathrow Express) but in zones 1-9 the TfL website just says “up to £6”. You can definitely do a zone 1-9 journey for over £6 (e.g. Amersham to Baker Street) so why is it set to that? Also when they say “up to”, does this mean it can vary from station to station?

    Very confused by this and can’t seem to find any further information from TfL on this.



    First thing to note is that you shouldn’t be looking to get maximum fares. They don’t count towards capping and may leave you open to a penalty fare or prosecution.

    That said, upto £6 is just for off-peak fares, it’s £8.90 for peak fares. Amersham to Baker Street is well within those figures. There are certain situations where you might not be charged the full maximum fare, particularly if you have a travelcard on your Oyster card. It doesn’t really vary from station to station though.

    And they’ll all be increasing next month in line with the new fares.


    Thanks for the information Mike. I do understand maximum fares are a penalty and don’t ever aim to get them. My tap-out a few days ago didn’t register and I was just curious how they are charged.

    Thanks for you help.


    Hi there, for the maximum fares, how does the 11-15 Zip Oyster card get charged? Is it half the adult fare too like the 16-18 one or is it even more reduced than that?

    Mike (admin)

    Hi Duncan.

    It should be the zone 1-6 NR-T fares which are £3.85 peak and 85p off-peak.


    Maximum fares for 11-15 zip cards
    I think I got this right. Just looking at fare finders

    All stations in Z1-9 (not Heathrow Express)
    Peak: up to £3.85, Off-peak: up to £0.85 (Z1-6), £1.30 (Z1-9)

    Broxbourne to Hertford East (zone 11)
    Peak: £4.90, Off-peak: £3.60

    Chafford Hundred, Purfleet, Grays, Ockendon (zone 10)
    Peak: £4.60, Off-peak: £3.90

    Dartford and Swanley (zone 8)
    Peak: £3.85, Off-peak: £1.30

    Epsom (zone 9)
    Peak: £5.10, Off-peak: £1.70

    Shenfield (zone 12)
    Peak: £5.55, Off-peak: £4.10

    Watford Junction (zone 10)
    Can’t seem to figure out, have you updated the fares there yet, still the 2022 ones?

    Merstham (zone 13)
    Peak: £7.05, Off-peak: £2.05

    Cuffley (zone 9)
    Peak: £5.70, Off-peak: £1.70

    Bayford and Hertford North (zone 11)
    Peak: £6.15, Off-peak: £4.80

    Redhill and Earlswood (zone 13)
    Peak: £7.75, Off-peak: £2.35

    Salfords and Horley (zone 13)
    Peak: £7.85, Off-peak: £2.70

    Gatwick Airport (zone 14)
    Peak: £10.15, Off-peak: £2.70

    Heathrow Express
    Free at all times.

    St Pancras (EMR platforms)
    Oyster not valid. Can you also mention the Southeastern from here to Stratford too please?

    Gatwick Express
    £10.90 at all times.

    Would be helpful if you advertised this too! 🙂
    Please find the one for Watford junction as I don’t think they’ve updated the fares there yet.


    OK Duncan,

    Firstly, I do not work for TfL. All the information I display comes from data supplied by them. Secondly, as I said in my original reply, I do not want to major on maximum fares. No-one should be aiming to make use of them and it could be very costly if they do.

    It’s possible that London North Western Railway haven’t changed all the Watford Junction fares. They have history for making some changes at the second fares revision of the year.

    The maximum fares for SE High Speed will be the same as the single prices.

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