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    Mike Lewis

    Hi, hoping someone can shed some light as to the best option in cheapest rail fare possible. This depends if I take the new role offered in the city. I believe I’m travelling from either Redhill or Merstham Surrey (zone 6) into London Bridge for the underground to Lime St. Is Oyster the cheapest, and if so do I pay monthly? How do i apply for one etc. What would the figures be?. I guess I would need to speak to someone at the station but didn’t want to hold people up and end up paying more (obviously). Thank you to anyone who can help, it could make the difference in me taking the employment opportunity ive been waiting for. Ta

    Mike Lewis

    I’ve actually seen that Fenchurch is the nearest station, is that another overground line?


    Hi Mike,

    Fenchurch Street is the C2C terminus from Southend, but the stations are all very close together in that area. Neither Redhill nor Merstham are actually in zone 6, they are outside the zones but accept Oyster because they are on the way to Gatwick.

    From those stations Oyster isn’t usually cheapest. You can’t load season tickets onto Oyster from Redhill or Merstham, so you’re better off using paper or the Key smartcard.

    At the moment the Northern line is shut through London Bridge so you should either change at Blackfriars if using a Thameslink train or take a Southeastern train to Cannon Street if your train from Redhill terminates at London Bridge. From Blackfriars or Cannon Street take the District line to Tower Hill.

    Hope that helps a bit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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