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    George Thomas

    Today I went from Great Portland Street to Hayes and Harlington using the Circle/H&C and Elizabeth Line. There is an OSI for LU to NR of 40 minutes which I have made use of in the past (before the low level EL platforms operned). Today the time was well under 40 minutes (34 to be precise), but I have been charged two seperate journeys. Are they not treating the EL gateline as NR? Have I been overcharged or if using the low level platforms is the OSI less than 40 minutes if using the EL gateline? Thanks!

    Mike (admin)

    Hi George,

    Paddington is complicated when it comes to interchange time, and I think I may need to make things clearer on my OSI list. Sadly you have not been overcharged because LU to EL is 20 minutes either way. The reason for this is that the EL station is like the LU station where you wait for your train within the gateline. In contrast you wait on the concourse of the NR station until your train is announced, and then go through the gates onto the correct platform.

    Strangely, the additional OSIs between Lancaster Gate and Paddington EL/NR both allow 40 minutes in the Paddington direction and 20 minutes in reverse. Using the same logic as at Paddingotn the EL time ought to be 20 minutes in both directions.

    George Thomas

    Many thanks Mike – I thought that might be the case. Will need to ensure I get a GWR service from the main station in future when I fancy a quick pint in the Mad Bear and Bishop on the way home!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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