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    Mike (admin)

    Revenue problems range from an incomplete journey where you don’t understand what happened, through a revenue check charge when using a contactless card, a penalty fare, right up to a threat of prosecution. We will do our best to explain what happens next to get the best outcome available.

    Guidance for those asking for advice

    We need to know all relevant facts in order to assist you, including, for example:

    • The stations where you started & finished your journey;
    • The stations where you changed trains (if applicable);
    • Journey history if you have access to it;
    • What happened in any encounter with railway staff;
    • The details of any paperwork with which you were issued.

    Be careful not to post anything incriminating or personally identifying

    The forum cannot be held liable for any advice given by any forum member, and none of the advice given on this forum can be considered legal advice. If you are threatened with prosecution you may wish to seek the advice of a solicitor.

    Guidance for those responding to any thread in this section:

    The purpose of this forum is to provide advice for anyone who has encountered difficulties during or after their rail journey. Regardless of whether the person in question admits their guilt, or believes that they are completely innocent, everyone who seeks help is entitled to receive advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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