TfL Rail and London Overground ticket offices to lose Oyster facilities

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    Martin Phillp

    To quote an email I received from TfL today.

    We are replacing our ticket office machines and you will soon no longer be able to buy or top up your Oyster card at London Overground or TfL Rail ticket office windows. This is because the current machines will no longer be supported by their manufacturer.

    The changes will take effect from:

    Wednesday 9 June at Hanwell, Manor Park, Maryland and West Drayton TfL Rail stations
    Tuesday 15 June at all other TfL Rail stations
    Monday 21 June at London Overground stations


    Thanks Martin,

    A sad day. I’ll see if I can get some more info.


    I live close to a NR station and the nearest underground or travel stop is several miles away. I turn 60 shortly and I have discovered that I can order a Senior Railcard online 2 weeks in advance of my birthday. However I now won’t be able to link it to an oyster card until I’ve made a journey to an underground station (or travel stop). Do you happen to know if:
    1. The system will retrospectively discount the initial journey that day once the link has been made (and will it give me the discounted cap)?
    2. Can I get the railcard linked a few days before my birthday when I visit an underground station so that the discount starts as soon as the railcard becomes valid?


    Hi Adam,

    In answer to question 1, it won’t retrospectively discount the initial journey, but it will lower the off-peak cap for that day which the initial journey will count towards as long as it started after 0930.

    As for question 2, it depends. As far as I know railcards do not actually have a start date. I also don’t know how quickly they’ll send out the railcard. If it’s a 1-year railcard then I’d get the discount added when you first travel to somewhere that can do it. If it’s a 3-year railcard there is another annoying consideration. The TfL system will allow the expiry date to be exactly 3 years from the date the discount is added, but railcards issued by post have an extra 5 days added to account for a slow postal delivery. If you take the railcard to be added on the day you receive it the system won’t allow them to put in the real expiry date. What they usually do is record the expiry as two years hence, then you have to get that updated at some point after the extra days have finished.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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