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    Any ideas on the recommended routing between this station pair?

    Fare on the default route is £3/£2, and £5.60/£3.60 on the alternative route via Marylebone

    Difficult to see how to avoid Marylebone. There is a theoretical journey with 4 changes at Hayes and Harlington, West Ealing, Greenford and South Ruislip, but West Ealing to Greenford only runs at limited times so unlikely to meet the criteria of a default route. And it’s so convoluted that it’s probably no quicker than via Reading and Oxford.


    Hi Western,

    The main criteria of a default route is that that can be done without leaving the system. You could also go West Drayton to Ealing Broadway to North Acton to West Ruislip to Wembley Stadium.

    I assure you that neither route is more convoluted than having to use the RRB between Didcot and Oxford.


    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the explanation and suggested route which I agree makes much more sense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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