Aldgate – Aldgate East OSI

After goodness knows how many suggestions TfL have finally given in and implemented a new OSI between Aldgate and Aldgate East Underground stations.  There is a little confusion about the start date – it was either today (14th) or Tuesday (16th), so I’ll add it to the list on Tuesday to be safe.  The allowance is 10 minutes either way.

2 thoughts on “Aldgate – Aldgate East OSI”

  1. Always nice to read about new OSIs, but the overlap between the Circle and District/H&C lines and proximity makes me suspect that this will lead to accidents/same station exits (or conversely, exploitation) with brief out-and-back journeys being merged into one.

    City Thameslink to St Paul’s is the one I’d like to see. Apart from added convenience, relieving pressure on Bank station feels like a worthwhile outcome. Even more crazy it doesn’t exist considering the London TravelWatch proposals to physically connect the two stations. Unfortunately my bleating suggestions to TfL have fallen on deaf ears so far! 🙂

    • Hi Chris,

      There’s only 10 minutes allowance between the Aldgates so not so much scope for accidents.

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